• Aleksandra Krčmar Ćulibrk, violin
    • Jovanka Mazalica, violin
    • Jelena Filipović, viola
    • Timea Kalmar, violoncello

…TAJJ no longer puts individual information of its members in its rich biography. With the name made from a synthesis of their first name initials, TAJJ quartet members aim to show the same origin and genesis of their shared education, as well as to emphasize the tendency to subordinate individualism to a mutual ideal of unity and merger of the string quartet sound… (M.Adamov)

By collecting the experiences gathered from esteemed artists: Ami Flammer, Istvan Varga, Arnold Steinhard, Sandor Devich, as well as members of Amadeus quartet, Alban Berg quartet, Bartok quartet, Chilingiran quartet, Daniel string quartet, Medici string quartet, Janaček quartet and Smetana quartet; and in the end – by finishing graduate studies of chamber music at the Faculty of Music, University of Arts in Belgrade, in the class of professor Laszlo Mezei, TAJJ has created its own artistic expression.

…Seriousness of the quartet members, their passion towards chamber music and artistic performance, are all proofs not only of the detailed work on the score, but also of their care for a gracious sound and precise technical performance… (I.Ianku)

TAJJ often steps away from the standard string quartet repertoire, performing works of contemporary composers with great praise: A.Vrebalov, B.Kovač, D.Despić, J.Mitrušić, M.Štatkić, I.Stefanović, S.Tikmayer, S.Seghedoni, M.Golo, E.Kiraly, I.Vilson, J.Trbojević, S.Vlajić, D.Vejnović, Lj.Nikolić, M.Mihailović, Hyekyung Lee. Some of these artists wrote their works especially for TAJJ quartet.

…Most creative relationships are those in which we support each other to be who we are, accept the risks, troubles, successes and experiments with an open heart and mind – so we could grow and create together. Only in that kind of circumstances, looking back at the past decade of collaboration, we know with gratitude, that without each other we would have never gotten where we are now. Yes, this music is played better by TAJJ string quartet, than I hear it in my imagination… (A.Vrebalov)

TAJJ performs on numerous festivals and concerts in Serbia and around Europe, in Germany, The Netherlands, Hungary, Romania, Italy, Austria, France, Croatia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, etc.

With special pleasure, TAJJ performed with renowned soloists: S.Antunić (flute), L.L.Aksin (flute), V.Puškaš (oboe), A.Tasić (clarinet), Ž.Perišić (bassoon), G.Marinković (bassoon), N.Vasić (horn), M.Radić (horn), I.Marušević (contrabass), R.Martinović (piano), N.Bulatović (piano), I.Kobal (piano), B.Gorunović (piano), U.Ovaskainen (piano), E.Choi (piano), J.Simon (piano), V.K.Vitkai (soprano), D.Jovanović (soprano), S.Štulić (tenor), B.Jatić (bass), and others.

…As a high class in the field of music, TAJJ quartet has contributed to a positive image of Serbia with one of the best concerts of this year. A lucky set of circumstances connected these four unique individuals, which devote themselves to music with passion, and which despite their individuality manage to be incredibly coordinated and amazingly natural… (M.Fizaine)